Now that we know your optimal colours and style, let’s make sure you have a functional wardrobe. Ideally, the only items that you should have in your closet are the ones that look flattering on you in every way, are of a good quality and in good condition, and, equally important, that you feel great wearing.


We go through your closet and determine what works for you, what doesn’t, and what can be used as transitional pieces while you are building your new wardrobe. I will make suggestions on how you can pair things, and will give you ideas on how to maximize the number of different outfits with what you already own.


We will discuss your goals and lifestyle, and will create a wardrobe plan and a list of items to buy that will support them.


This is often many clients’ favourite session. We get to remove items that have been there for years, even though you know deep down you will never wear them, and at the same time put together combinations that you may not have thought of but they make you look incredible!