The Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Boots

Fall and winter boots are in a category of their own when it comes to footwear. It should be one of our largest fashion investments, and it is very important to choose the boots that are of a high quality and style. What makes boots different from other shoes? The fact that most of us do not own nearly as many boots as we do other kinds of footwear, and we wear the same few pairs every day from November till April (if you live in Canada).


How do you choose the perfect boots? By making sure they have ALL of the following:  high quality materials and craftsmanship; neutral colour that goes with most of your fall and winter outfits (you would need to get at least two pairs in different colours for that reason); appropriate style for the occasions you would wear them to; and, last but definitely not least, suit your personal style.


When you choose the colour for your boots, it really helps if you had your Colour Analysis done, and know what your palette is. With boots there is definitely less colour choice than with other shoes or clothes, but you should still know if you look better in black or brown, grey or camel. Shades and tones matter, too. For instance, there are so many variations of black. Some people will look better in softer, charcoal shades, others will be stunning in true, bright black, and then some people will look great in brownish black. The same applies to brown – are you better off with a dark chocolate, reddish brown, taupe, beige or camel?


Another thing to keep in mind is the type of the leather – glossy or matte?  Ideally you want to have the same type of leather for your footwear, belts and, in some cases, purses. For instance, you will see dis-accord if you are wearing high-gloss, lacquered black boots and matte black purse. The same applies to suede boots and glossy purses.

In terms of the style of the boots, you have to keep the following in mind – what occasions you will wear them to, and what your personal style is (based on your body type and personality).


Most of us need a pair of warm, comfortable, water-resistant boots for all kinds of winter activities; nice looking and easy to wear boots for every day use, like shopping and socializing; dress boots for all formal and semi-formal activities that do not require wearing dress shoes.


If the type of the boots you need is easy to determine by just knowing where you will wear them to, figuring out what looks good on you specifically requires the knowledge of your personal style. Here are some general tips that can help you.


First, make sure the boots are the appropriate height for your body. If you are petite, choose a shorter style, below the knee. Over-the-knee boots will look out of proportion and overpowering on you. If you are tall, so should be your boots, as anything too short will look off on you. The shape of your legs is also important. If you have wide calves, make sure that the boots do not end at the widest part of your calf, as that would make the area appear even wider. Also, avoid any kind of decoration or pattern in this area, for the same reason.


The type of the heel also makes a difference. Do you have strong bone structure, like thicker ankles? Chunkier heels and platforms will look good on you. People with delicate bone structure should go for narrow, lighter looking heels. The front of the shoe should be close in shape to your facial shape as we are looking for balance from head to toes.


Remember – there are very few fashion items that you can make a statement with in the winter months (especially when you are outside), and stunning boots are definitely on that list!