“Tatiana is professional, highly knowledgeable, accurate, and consistent. These are some of the many positive characteristics that she displays day-to-day, and why I refer all of my clients to her.”

-Joshua Zuchter, International Speaker, Author, Executive, Business and Life Coach

“Tatiana is absolutely wonderful to work with. She is very knowledgeable and her advice is spot on. She genuinely cares and takes the time to get to know you so she can build a style profile tailored just for you. She is passionate about her work and takes great pride helping her clients achieve their best self. I have learned so much from Tatiana in only a short period of time and it’s been worth every penny. I’m so thankful our paths crossed and I can’t wait to keep working together. I have already recommended her to all my friends. She is the real deal.”

-Carly O’Shea, HR Business Partner, Aecon

“Working with Tatiana exceeded my expectations! I was so impressed by her knowledge of colour and application of makeup. There are many makeup artists in the GTA but Tatiana provides a level of expertise and care with her clients that is exceptional! I had my colour analysis done previously but never thought much about wearing my colours in the makeup. I can’t believe the difference since Tatiana encouraged me to do it. I am so grateful Tatiana showed me how to enhance my features! Thank you Tatiana for your care and expertise! I feel so much more beautiful and confident.”

-Cindy Roemer, Program Director

“Working with Tatiana was an amazing experience! Not only was she able to put together outstanding outfits, but she also taught me what details to look for. The best thing about shopping with Tatiana is you don’t need a mirror. The reactions on her face will tell you all you need to know about the outfit!”

-Anthony Joh, Digital Media Producer

“As a business owner who meets with clients and speaks at workshops, initially I went to Tatiana Leus for her expert advice on how to improve my image overall. It turned out to be a life-changing experience. I was blown away by the transformation that she has inspired and guided me through. I used to think that I knew what looked good on me, but it turned out that some colours and styles that I liked to wear sabotaged me, so Tatiana showed me “my” colours and styles that made me look the best I could. It took me some time to break my old habits and get comfortable with the “new” me, but once I started dressing and doing my makeup in the way that Tatiana suggested, not a day goes by when I don’t receive complements!


I highly recommend Tatiana to anyone whose image is significant in any area of their professional or personal life.”

-Natalja S., Nutritionist

“Wow! What was I doing wasting all that time and money shopping without an image consultation?!

After getting my Colour Analysis and a personalized Style Report done by Tatiana, I was like a sniper shopping, seeing exactly what and why would look great on me.
Now I’m not stuck just wearing blue… I’ve got burgundy, burnt orange, camel, plum, and even dusty pink.

It’s helped me to step-up my dating game and business by looking like a well-dressed masculine man. Since my consultation I’ve started dating an amazing beautiful woman, and my business is rocketing.

Guys, go pro this year, and just get this image consult done with Tatiana. It’s an investment that I’ve already get a lofty ROI from. I highly recommend her to all my friends.”

–JP Richards, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, DrakeDigital.com

“I cannot speak highly enough of True Potential Image/Tatiana Leus.

For a long time, I had considered engaging a stylist to advise me on all aspects of colour, style, and wardrobe but it wasn’t until an associate recommended Tatiana that I went ahead with it. Now I only wish I had done so sooner.


As a busy professional, I spend a fair bit of time shopping for clothes and preparing work outfits for the week. I have an eclectic occupation and an active life outside of work. I ended up with a wardrobe where the notorious 80/20 rule applied – 20% of my clothes were used 80% of the time. Not good!


So Tatiana and I went to work on my colour palette, style, wardrobe, and makeup. I explained to her where I was at this point in my life and what I was looking for from this experience. Tatiana did not disappoint. It’s amazing how the colours that she recommended for me were in fact colours I loved but was never really sure would suit me. Style wise, I was also never quite sure what fit and what didn’t, being petite in size yet athletic in build. Tatiana took measurements, made very detailed observations, and drafted an incredibly helpful and user-friendly Style Report.


That event turned out to be another surprise in of itself. Over the years, I’d unconsciously followed seasonal fashion rather than shopped deliberately for pieces with specific colour and style. I’d accumulated more clothes that I felt lukewarm about than I care to admit. Armed with my new knowledge, I made deep cuts in my wardrobe ahead of my meeting with Tatiana. When she and I did the Wardrobe Consult, however, I was simply stunned to see how much more needed to go and how many of these clothes, which had survived my initial cut, I didn’t like that much after all!


One thing is certain, I don’t look at clothes the same way and probably never will. I now know what works and what doesn’t. From now on, I will be buying pieces that work with one another, work for me, and that I will likely keep for a long time.


Tatiana is not only an expert at what she does, she’s also extremely fun to work with and flexible in her approach to clients. Anyone who cares about their image will be well served to hire Tatiana and take the guesswork out of their style.”

–Souha E., University Professor