Style Tips for Choosing Jewelry

Precious Gift for Your Precious Someone

I am sure there are a lot of men in love out there who want to give their partner a beautiful piece of jewelry but have no idea how to choose one that would be perfect for the ONE 🙂 . And even though people say that you can’t go wrong giving a woman jewelry as a gift, you totally can. I’ve had many conversations with my female friends over the years when they would show me a piece of jewelry that their partner got them and would say ‘I would prefer it were bigger/smaller, white gold instead of yellow, or the other way around, etc…but it was really nice of him to get this for me’.

It is definitely the thought that counts the most, but if you would also like to get your partner something that would look stunning on her, here is a simple guide to narrow down your search and lead you to the gem.



Yellow gold will look beautiful on women with warm skin undertone, and white gold and silver  will suit women with cool skin undertone. This might be a little tricky for you to find out since sometimes you need to have a colour analysis done to determine your undertone. But you can at least ask her if she knows whether her skin is cool or warm, or, as the last resort, observe her when she wears gold and silver colours in her clothes and accessories and decide which one compliments her more.



When you are choosing a semi-precious or precious stones, beads or any kind of glass accents, think about what colours your partner likes and wears a lot. If she loves blue, she will very likely appreciate sapphires, blue topaz and tanzanite, if she wears green a lot – emeralds, green aquamarine and jade will be a better choice, and if purple is her favourite colour – amethyst will do great.



Big, heavy and chunky pieces will look stunning on a woman with strong bone structure (thicker wrists and ankles, bigger fingers, large facial features, wider neck). Smaller, delicate jewelry will suit a woman with fine bone structure (thin wrists and ankles, slender fingers, smaller facial features and earlobes).

Depending on the piece that you buying, you match the bone structure of that body part. Chunky bracelets for thick wrists, delicate rings for slender fingers, big earrings for bigger earlobes, fine chains and necklaces for delicate facial features and neck, and so on. If a woman has a medium bone structure, you choose something of a classic, medium proportion.


Length and Width

The length of the jewelry should be in proportion to either woman’s height or the length of the body part that she will wear the piece on. For instance, a really long hanging necklace will look good on a tall woman, long dangling earrings – on a woman with an elongated face, studs – on a woman with a shorter face. Wide rings will suit a woman with long fingers much better than narrow rings, just like a wider bracelet would look beautiful on a woman with longer arms and hands. Petite women look better wearing more narrow and short styles. However, if a woman is petite but has long fingers, wider ring would be a better option.



Personality! You can follow all of the four tips above, but if the jewelry does not match your partner’s personality she is not going to be in love with it. Is she traditional or conservative? Go for a classic, elegant look. Dramatic? Make sure the piece stands out and makes a statement. Creative? It just has to look unique, with almost an artisan touch to it. Romantic? Pretty and feminine looking, the word ‘bling’ comes to mind.


Now that you are equipped with the information and knowledge that will help you to make a perfect choice, please enjoy the process and feel inspired to get your love a gift, not obligated or stressed about it.


There is something very intimate and sentimental about getting jewelry from a man you love, and if we can feel an inspiration and excitement behind it, we will cherish it for years to come!