Do you feel overwhelmed and uncertain when you go shopping? Do you have doubts about what suits you best? Do you ever buy something and never wear it?


I help you solve these issues. Let me bring clarity and ease into your shopping experience! As you will see, this service will save you a lot of time, money, frustration, and, believe it or not, it can be fun!


We meet at a well-known shopping mall or a specialty store/boutique (depending on what you need to buy). We will choose items that match your colour palette, style, wardrobe needs and budget. For my male clients who either find it challenging to find a properly fitting suit, blazer or pants of the rack, or are looking for exquisite quality, we will choose a custom made option at one of the upscale men’s boutiques where my clients receive the best service possible.


As we go through the shopping process, I will be educating you on why certain outfits complement or sabotage you, and will demonstrate to you all the things you should be taking into consideration when shopping on your own. My clients always appreciate all the knowledge they get while shopping with me.


I also offer shopping assistance for special occasions. We can shop for the perfect party dress, gown, evening wear for men or the power suit for your career advancement.