How to Find the Perfect Watch

Buying a watch as a gift for someone special, or even yourself, is often no small task. The selection process can be overwhelming and time consuming. I recently went through this myself, looking for a watch for someone who has a VERY precise taste.


If you are wondering how to find the perfect watch, here are some tips to help you refine your search:

 Determine the purpose for the watch

Although this may seem obvious, it is the most important first step in making finding the perfect watch a much simpler process. Will the watch be worn to business functions, formal evening events, the gym, outdoor activities, or are you looking for something versatile for everyday use?


If for business, especially in a corporate environment, look for a higher end watch in silver or gold, and only with a leather strap. For going out at night, look for something a little fancier, with some precious stones perhaps, and with a leather or a beautiful metal band. A digital watch with a silicone band is perfect for the gym or outdoors.


 Determine the size and shape

Everything we put on our body should be in harmony with the body. If you put a chunky, heavy watch on a thin, delicate wrist it will look out of proportion. The same goes for wearing a small, delicate watch on a thick wrist.

For those with long arms, a watch with a larger face and wider band looks best. For shorter arms, a watch with a smaller face and narrower strap will look more balanced. If the person is big-boned with heavier wrists, look for a thick watch. A thin, flat watch will better suit a delicate or fine wrist.

Finally, the shape of the watch should match the person’s facial shape. A round watch, for example, is perfect for someone who has a rounded face. A square watch is suitable for those with squared and angular shaped faces. For those with longer faces, look for a rectangular watch.


Identify their optimal colours 
When most hear the phrase ‘optimal colours’, the first thing that comes to mind is what their favourite colours might be. However, favourite is not always or even often the most optimal colour, and can, therefore, actually distract from the person wearing it. Instead, and if possible, we want to identify their optimal colours, or find out what they are if they have had a professional  colour analysis done.

If they have not, then you can give it your best guess. Do they look better in silver or gold? Do they wear silver or gold coloured jewelry more often?

If you don’t know their colouring, you want to match what they most often wear. If he or she wears a lot of black and grey colours, silver will work. If they prefer browns, yellow gold would be a better choice.


 Match their personality

There are many different personality styles: elegant, conservative, traditional, glamorous, dramatic, romantic, natural, sporty and fashion forward to name but a small number. List off what you think their top two styles are. Once you have done this, you will have at least narrowed down your options.



A Finishing Touch

Since a watch is something that a person will likely wear for a long time, consider engraving the back of it to make it even more special. You can engrave their name or initials, their favourite quote, a word or a phrase that has a special meaning for them, or a message from you. Since it’s a watch, it makes sense to incorporate a concept of time in your message, using words like ‘forever’ and ‘eternity’.