How to Choose and Tie a Scarf

Tips for Choosing and Wearing Scarves

Scarves are amazing and versatile accessories. They can brighten up your look, add an interesting detail to a routine outfit, express your personality and creativity, substitute for necklaces, add some coverage to a sleeveless dress or top, and, last but not least, keep us warm 🙂 .


Just like with your clothes, you should take your body into consideration when choosing a scarf. If you have strong bone structure, go for heavier, bigger scarves. For anyone with delicate features, sheer and delicate scarves will be nice. Longer styles will look proportional on tall people, and higher hanging styles on anyone who is short. Silky fabric will complement anyone with smooth skin and hair, while textured or beaded fabric will match skin and hair that have more prominent texture (curly hair, thick skin, a lot of freckles). And, of course, make sure the scarf’s colour is in your colour palette.  This is especially important because the scarves are usually worn close to your face, and you want for the scarf to complement and enhance your face, not take the attention away from it or sabotage it.


My clients frequently ask me about tips on tying a scarf. There are endless ways to do it, but just like with choosing the right style of scarf, you have to be aware of what looks good on you personally when choosing the way to wear it. Do you want to add volume to your neck, shoulders or chest? Do you want to project a professional, creative or romantic look? I usually advise my clients on the most flattering  types of  scarves for them, as well as the ways to tie them that complement them the most during our Style Analysis.


I have watched many  videos about different ways to tie a scarf, and the two I have chosen to post here are very easy to follow. The first one is for women, the second one is for men. Have fun with it!