"The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you."

-Coco Chanel

Do you know that most people choose certain colours for their wardrobe for all kinds of emotional and other reasons, and very rarely they base this decision on the knowledge of what colours actually look best on them?


When you wear youcolour analysis, womenr right colours, you look more vibrant, brighter, healthier, younger, your eyes stand out and your teeth look whiter. The colours that are flattering on you also bring out your best features, while minimizing those that you prefer to de-emphasize like dark circles, sallow or uneven skin tone, or wrinkles.


Your optimal colours always harmonize with you, and never overpower you or make you look dull. For instance, while some people look stunning in bright red, others will ‘disappear’ when wearing such a dominant colour. Some of us look incredible in pale blue, and others look ‘washed out’.

If you want to achieve the optimal results, your hair colour, makeup, jewelry and accessories should also be in your colour palette.


My clients are always amazed at how beautiful they look in many colours that they never thought would look good on them.


Your colour palette will never change, so once you know it, you can start building your wardrobe with it. Once most of your clothes and accessories are in your right colours, you will notice how easy it is to create lots of different outfits. Most colours within one palette go with each other, making it very easy to combine items in your wardrobe.