Bras and Accessories for Special Occasion Dresses

Little Helpers for Special Dresses

Have you ever noticed how an actress can look almost flat chested in a movie, and then look voluptuous in a low cut dress when attending an event ? I have noticed that many times, and always wondered how they did it.  Not all of us want a voluptuous look, but we all want to look good when wearing a strapless or low cut dress, or going braless. So I have done my research, ordered many different…let’s call them breast accessories 🙂 , and experimented wearing them.


Here are some tips on how to look flawless when wearing a dress that does not accommodate a regular bra.


First, determine what kind of bra you can wear with the specific dress. If the dress is strapless, you obviously need a strapless bra. If there is a deep plunge at the front and/or back, you can either wear a low back plunge bustier, or get a set of two stick-on bra cups. Quality and fit are very important when it comes to those. You will only wear them to very special occasions when you want to look flawless, so it makes sense to invest in something that feels comfortable, stays firmly in place for as long as you need them to, and looks natural underneath the dress.


I strongly suggest you do a trial run with the stick-on cups, and wear them at home with the dress for a couple of hours (and make sure you do whatever actions you will be doing at your event, like dancing with your arms up in the air 🙂 ).  In fact, I believe it is  a good idea to do the trial run with any kind of bra substitute that you decide to wear. This advice comes from my personal experience with the silicone cups that I wore  that started sliding down and moving around during dinner 🙂 .


For a low back dress, there are some special bras available, but it depends on how low the cut is. If even the low back bra is visible, you will have to use either the stick-on cups, or a backless stick-on bra. If your breasts are on a smaller side, you can be fine with no bra at all. All you need is silicone nipple covers.  Silicone kind is better than fabric because they mold to your skin for a natural look.


In case whatever you choose to wear moves around a bit, you can always make it stay in place with double sided stick tape strips that are safe to use on skin. The same strips can be used to secure bra straps from sliding down your shoulders, close gaps in the chest area of buttoned shirts, and to temporarily fix rips in clothes or hems on pants. They are very versatile and handy in many situations. The kind that I like is Matchsticks by commando.


Now that we have the basics covered, let’s talk about some extra oomph, if you are interested of course 🙂 .  Do you want to project that movie star cleavage? Cupcakes is your answer!  The products that I loved were Cleavage Cupcakes and Takeouts, both made out of high grade silicone by commando. They are different in shape, so if you have both kinds you have more options for the looks you want to create, as well as to accommodate different bras.  In the summer, I wore Cupcakes with a summer dress without a bra.  Keep in mind though that you can only do it with the dress that is tight fitting on top so that the inserts  stay in place.


My last piece of advice is to only wear (or not wear) things that you are comfortable with. The most important aspect about wearing a beautiful dress is for you to enjoy it, as well as the occasion. So if you decide to go braless and then feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about it, don’t do it. If you build up a cleavage that makes you not to feel like yourself, it’s not worth it. Honour your authentic perfection 🙂 .